Mark 12: Bible Study


Our studies at the moment are exploring the Gospel of Mark – most probably dictated to Mark by the apostle Peter. Each week a chapter will be chosen as we systematically work our way through the gospel. The minister will take a section of that chapter to preach on but over 5 of the 7 days in that week you will have the opportunity to read that chapter for yourselves as we explore together the life of Jesus. If you have any questions as you study please do not hesitate to either email the minister or contact him by phone – he will be delighted to help.


Day 1 Read Mark chapter 12

Things are moving quickly towards the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry and opposition towards him is hardening. Jesus speaks out against those people who will eventually take his life. There is discussion about fundamental things and Jesus underlines what is most important in life. As you read this chapter what is it that strikes you most?


Day 2 Read Mark 12:1-17

In the story of the evil farmers Jesus is so pointed in what he says, the Jewish leaders know that they are being “got at” by Jesus. However, is there a lesson to be learned in that story for us [verses 1-12]? It is often too easy to see the faults in others without seeing them also in ourselves. In the other story in this section, following Jesus having a go at the Jewish leaders, they decide to have a go at him. They try and trap him with a difficult question – look at how Jesus gets out of it. What lesson do we learn from what Jesus teaches them in these verses – v13-17?


Day 3 Read Mark 12:18-27

This is a strange discussion. The Sadducees [a religious sect similar to the Pharisees] did not believe in the final resurrection – life after death in a bodily form – and they ask a ridiculous question. From this we gather some truths about the resurrection. There will be an identifiable bodily form, but it will be a spiritual body and not one governed by physical limitations and flaws. The relationships we have in this life cease at death and are not carried on in the future life. There is also a vital lesson from Jesus in verse 24 and he is there referring to the Old Testament – ignorance can only lead to a lack of faith.


Day 4 Read Mark 12:28-34

Here is a wonderful passage because it cuts to the chase – what really defines what is ultimately the most important knowledge to have and how does that lead us to action? Jesus commends this man’s answer and so if Jesus takes seriously what he says then we too should give attention to this man’s conclusion. Think seriously about these words, absorb them into memory, meditate upon them and ask God to reveal to you where your life needs challenged by these words.


Day 5 Read Mark 12:35-44

There are the men in this story who think themselves very important. Jesus very clearly tells the people that he is the Messiah – the One uniquely sent by God and who should be listened to and taken seriously.  On the other hand there are the teachers of the law who think themselves very important and who love to be acclaimed and recognised by others [ministers beware!!!]. Jesus warns us that ultimately there is only one person who is worth listening to and following. The lives of these men is contrasted by the life of the poor widow – ultimately, whose actions and life most impressed God?