The Works of Jesus

Bible Study: The Crucifixion of Jesus

If we want to understand the heart of God we need to focus ourselves clearly on the Cross and there understand just who we are in relation to God.

Bible Study:Hard Sayings of Jesus

Sometimes the words of our Saviour are challenging and hard to take - but they are always for our good

Bible Study: The Prayers of Jesus

What can we learn from the Master about Prayer?

Bible Study: More Miracles of Jesus

Many different people experience the Miracles of Jesus - do they respond with fear, ignorance, prejudice, faith or love?

Bible Study: The Miracles of Jesus

The Miracles of Jesus - how did He use them to stretch our faith?

More Parables of Jesus

Looking at the parables of Jesus, this week in the Gospels of Matthew and John.

Bible Study - The Parables of Jesus

Looking at the Parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

Matthew-The Sermons of Jesus Bible Study

The Sermons of Jesus - the most famous sermon of all time! (Matthew 5,6,7,23 & 24)

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