Mark 13: Bible Study

Our studies at the moment are exploring the Gospel of Mark – most probably dictated to Mark by the apostle Peter. Each week a chapter will be chosen as we systematically work our way through the gospel. The minister will take a section of that chapter to preach on but over 5 of the 7 days in that week you will have the opportunity to read that chapter for yourselves as we explore together the life of Jesus. If you have any questions as you study please do not hesitate to either email the minister or contact him by phone – he will be delighted to help.


Day 1 Read Mark chapter 13

This is a hard passage both to read and to understand, yet it came from the lips of the Master and we do have to try and work our way into it over the next few days - referring often to other parts of the Bible. Read it through a couple of times and try and get the overall sense of what is being said by Jesus and think in particular of the final sentence of the chapter.


Day 2 Read Mark 13:1-13

It is important to recognise that these words are prophetic at two levels - there is first of all a reference to the immediate future. The Temple was the most magnificent structure and it dominated the landscape. The Jews hoped that the Messiah would come and that this wonderful structure would be at the heart of a religion that would dominate the world. However, within a generation, by AD70, the Temple would be destroyed, the Jewish nation destroyed and the people of Israel scattered - indeed it would be nearly 2000 years before there would be a nation called Israel again. The Christian church would also have to face awful persecution during this period of time.


Day 3 Read Mark 13:1-13

Jesus warns His people that there would be many people after him who would come into the world and claim to be God and who would try to rival what He had established - so it has been with Mohammed, Charles Russell [Jehovah Witnesses] and Joseph Smith [Mormons] and many others besides. Jesus does not paint a picture of the world after Him as one that is at peace - quite the opposite - and He does not promise that the Church will have any easy time either. There is also a promise that the Gospel will be preached to every nation before the time of the end of the world comes.


Day 4 Read Mark 13:14-27

Jesus here speaks of His return - what the Christian Faith talks of as the Second Coming of Christ. Think for a moment - and for those present at the Service on Sunday, reflect on the Sermon - about whether you really want the world to continue on the hopelessly divided path that it is travelling? Jesus is promising a decisive moment of intervention when He will bring the whole world order as we know it to an end; when He will change human nature and human circumstances forever - is that not truly what we want to see happen?


Day 5 Read Mark 13:28-37

There is a warning given to the Christian Church - be prepared!! This world with all its awful potential for evil will one day end - when Jesus suddenly appears and brings it to an end. How that will happen we do not know, but there will be a decisive event that will bring this world as we know it to an end and that will usher in the return of Christ. Jesus warns us that this world is a place of proclamation and preparation for the Christian - tell people the Gospel and prepare for leaving it, whether by our own death or at the final return of Jesus - be prepared.