Mark 14: Bible Study

Our studies at the moment are exploring the Gospel of Mark – most probably dictated to Mark by the apostle Peter. Each week a chapter will be chosen as we systematically work our way through the gospel. The minister will take a section of that chapter to preach on but over 5 of the 7 days in that week you will have the opportunity to read that chapter for yourselves as we explore together the life of Jesus. If you have any questions as you study please do not hesitate to either email the minister or contact him by phone – he will be delighted to help.


Day 1 Read Mark chapter 14

Chapter 14 is the longest in the Gospel and is very eventful - everything is starting to move quickly in these last moments of Jesus' life. Try to read through this chapter more than once and pick up the sense of what is happening - and how it makes you feel.


Day 2 Read Mark 14:1-11

Notice the devotion of this woman - she responds as she does because of the depth of her experience of grace at the hands of Jesus.Do you agree with the assessment of Jesus or the critics of this woman? - why do you come to the conclusion that you do? What she did was in today's terms costing over £20,000! Look carefully at verse 9. What challenges you in the action and devotion of this woman? Compare what this woman does with what Judas does. Do you think the action of Jesus is linked to the response of some in verses 4 and 5?


Day 3 Read Mark 14:12-26 and 32-42

Both these passages are intimate final moments spent by Jesus with the disciples.

[Just to note, we often hear the words at the Communion service, "This is my body which is broken for you" - this is found neither here nor in any of the Gospels.]

Jesus indicates here, and more clearly in Matthew's Gospel, that the Last Supper indicates God's Greatest Gift to the World. Look at the Gethsemane story and try and capture the great anguish of Jesus - why is He so deeply afraid and upset? How are his feelings described in verses 33 and 34? It is always important to note that He endured such horror for us in order that we might never have to face it for ourselves!


Day 4 Read Mark 14:27-31 and 66-72

Peter is very sure of himself in verses 29 and 31.He is not listening to Jesus who is insisting that what He is about to face, He must face alone. Can you think of times when you have been as sure of yourself as Peter and later had to face the truth of your failure? Have you made big promises to yourself and to God about what you intended to do only to find yourself in the shame of failure - where your words and intentions come back to haunt you? Always remember that Jesus was not expecting great things from Peter or any of the disciples and remember too that this passage in Mark must also be read in the light of John 21:1-14, where there is not a word of recrimination or condemnation from Jesus.


Day 5 Read Mark 14:43-65

Here we see the reality of our world, where even those who are supposed to be just and good use their power in a way that demeans their office.The whole scene is shameful, yet reflects how often we and our society are prepared to sacrifice the good in order to silence our conscience. What would you and I have done? - stayed and stood by Jesus, run away, become a curious watcher or joined with those who condemned Jesus?