Mark 3: Bible Study

Written by Iain Greensheilds   

Over the next few weeks we will be engaging in a major study of Mark’s Gospel, but we will be doing it a wee bit differently. Each Sunday the Minister will highlight part of a chapter in the Sermon but there will be an opportunity for people at home to follow up with the following notes. I hope you find this enriching.



Day 1 Read the whole of chapter 3


This chapter is packed full of incident and controversy. Try and read the chapter at least a couple of times in order to get the flow of the story line.

Pick out one of the stories and imagine yourself there – imagine yourself into the story. As you turn this story over in your mind what do you feel and how does it impact upon you?



Day 2 Mark 3:1-6


With Jesus, you have to be prepared to think outside the box. There are times when our history and tradition can prevent us from moving forward and advancing the Kingdom of God. Jesus confronted a tradition that loosely accorded with the laws of God. The Sabbath was to be observed as a day of rest but that never was a pretext for preventing people from doing good to other people. The Pharisees legalism blinded themselves to the Kingdom of God at work. Where are our blind spots?



Day 3 Read Mark 3:7-12


There is always a need to step outside of the business of life and recharge – that is one of the values of a holiday [holy day – a time set apart]. The value of stepping out allows us to get in touch with ourselves and with God – to re-establish that vital spiritual connection – time to read, pray, meditate, reflect and share with other people.

However, such time although important and valuable is limited because, as we see in this passage, there is always work to be done. The needs of our world


are enormous and we have a responsibility under God to bring in the Kingdom – our ultimate Rest lies beyond this world.



Day 4 Read Mark 3:13-19


Jesus chooses a group of men for a specific purpose – essentially to spend the next 3 years with him, learning from him and then carrying on his ministry after he had gone. We are all called by Jesus to follow him and that require us spending time in the Gospels trying to understand his will, his ways and his responses – literally, spending time with Jesus as his apprentice.

We may not be called to the unique ministry that these men were called to, but whatever our gifts and callings we are to use them to the glory of God and by watching and imitating Jesus.



Day 5 Read Mark 3:20-end of chapter


There is now a real division of opinion about Jesus – some are even saying that the origin of his authority is Satanic – how does Jesus deal with that accusation?

Verses 28 and 29 are interesting. There is a sin that cannot be forgiven? Clearly Jesus is referring to people who attribute the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to Satan – here Christians have got to be very careful when they criticise other Christians!

What of Jesus’ family? They are being driven by some public opinion – how does Jesus answer their response?