Mark 5: Bible Study

Written by Iain Greensheilds   




Our studies at the moment are exploring the Gospel of Mark – most probably dictated to Mark by the apostle Peter. Each week a chapter will be chosen as we systematically work our way through the gospel. The minister will take a section of that chapter to preach on but over 5 of the 7 days in that week you will have the opportunity to read that chapter for yourselves as we explore together the life of Jesus. If you have any questions as you study please do not hesitate to either email the minister or contact him by phone – he will be delighted to help.


Day 1 Read Mark chapter 5

These are 3 fascinating stories where the lives of everyone concerned are transformed – well, almost! Look out for those people who could have had transformed lives, yet chose not to open their lives to Jesus. As you read through this, once again take on of the stories here, close your eyes and imagine you are there, watching the events unfold. This is a great way of studying the life of Jesus.


Day 2 Read Mark 5:1-3

This is Jesus venturing now into Gentile [non-Jewish] territory. It is an eerie scene of the man in the graveyard [probably caves] – a place where people, because of superstitions about death, would not willing venture, especially in the evening. The man is clearly possessed, but how this came about we are not told – however, dabbling in the occult was a common practice. The conversation between Jesus and the man/demons indicates their complete submission to Him and shows us that evil is ultimately powerless in the presence of God. Some people get a little carried away when it comes to the pigs but Barclay rightly points out that the soul of a man is of infinitely more worth than even a herd of pigs.


Day 3 Read Mark 5:14-20

William Barclay reflects reasons why the people wanted Jesus to leave them and indicates that it is a normal human response:[a] People don’t want their comfort disturbed; [b] They don’t want their possessions challenged; [c] They don’t want their tradition and religion changed.

Jesus showed such remarkable power but this group of people found it something so disturbing that they did not want Jesus to be around! That sadly is still true of many today. But the man who had been released from possession wanted to be around Jesus – Jesus however wanted him to be an evangelist – the first apostle to the Gentiles.


Day 4 Read Mark 5:21-34

Here are people who wanted to be around Jesus and his power and we have a mix of two stories – we deal first of all with the woman who had a long-term debilitating illness – can some of us identify with that? Her response to Jesus verges on superstition – touching his garment – but Jesus refers to it as faith. It is interesting that Jesus knew power had gone out from him and the very gentle manner in which he responds to the woman is very reassuring. Maybe there are some of us who simply need to reach out to Jesus as He walks by today?


Day 5 Read Mark 5:21-43

We are going back over the first few verses we looked at yesterday because these stories are intertwined. Jesus is urgently requested to go and help the wee girl but he is in no hurry and makes time for other issues and people because he is confident in his own ability – even when he hears that the girl has died he is not fazed but remains confident and in control. He has released the demon possessed man and healed the chronically sick woman but now he is going to exercise ultimate Divine power over death. The picture is getting clearer and clearer.